What we provide for our customers is not only products, technologies and services with advantages, but also overall solutions to meet diversified needs, so as to continuously create value for our customers and help them succeed.

Quanzhou Jinli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

Excellent quality, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction! Realistic, pragmatic, efficient and dedicated!

QUANZHOU JINGLI ENGINEERING MACHINERY CO., LTD., established in July 2006, is a professional manufacturer integrating design, development, production and sales of equipment and machinery. The company is located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, the starting point of the China Maritime Silk Road, and enjoys convenient transportation advantages. The factory covers an area of 70,000 square meters. The company is equipped with various types of imported large-scale processing equipment At the same time, it introduces a group of professional technical developers and excellent management personnel. Develop and produce excellent products with high configuration, low price and high quality with excellent performance that are suitable for national conditions. The "Jingong" brand series products are suitable for many different construction, such as road & transportation, cities , municipal administration, gardens, farmland, water conservancy, agriculture, grapple loading, railways, etc.. The company has a self-developed technical team that can customize products according to customer needs. Jingong adheres to the business philosophy of "technology supports enterprises, quality bears trust", continuously develops new products based on market demand, and presents satisfactory products to our customers.

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12A complete set of Solutions

Global reliable engineering equipment solution service provider!!

The "Jingong brand" series products produced by our factory include: double drive wheel excavator, crawler excavator, clamping machine, brick grabbing machine, sugarcane clamping machine and trencher, which are comparable to similar domestic products with superior cost performance. It is suitable for construction and production of transportation, municipal administration, landscape, greening, farmland, water conservancy, etc,


Establish a complete set of product quality management system, reasonable price, good service


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